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02 02 2018


The current revolution 4.0 is also the integration of a new CAM ESPRIT software, for the management of complex CNC programming processes, it also allows the processing of increasingly complex parts, together with the implementation of ORION MES, an automatic production data detection system.

This program detects data related to the production carried out, manages the machine states (stationary, equipping, production..) and possible alarms. All this is visible on "touch" industrial PCs located inside the workshop.

10 01 2018

Dipiemme 4.0 Innovate to grow

2018 starts with the industrial revolution 4.0 where companies will be increasingly digital and interconnected, with the introduction of two new machines, Nakamura NTJ-100 and DMG Mori Sprint 65-3T of last generation with extremely fast cycle times and connected to the network both for faster assistance in case of problems and for the control of production phases also by the customer. In support of our entire machinery park we have also introduced a management software, but we'll talk about it later.

40 years of Dipiemme
04 09 2017

40 years of Dipiemme

There are dates to celebrate, like a September of 40 years ago, when Dipiemme was born. A goal achieved through continuous investments and technological upgrades, but above all thanks to the seriousness and passion we put into our work. We want to celebrate this anniversary with our customers and suppliers by announcing other updates in the coming months. Stay tuned!

22 02 2017

A new site for Dipiemme

We proudly present the new Dipiemme site. Rich in content, fast and navigable on mobile devices. Welcome in Dipiemme srl.