Turning technologies

The continuos investments in research and new technologies allowed Dipiemme to keep up with the times and with market requirements, ensuring quality and maximum precision of turned parts.

Turning processing represent our main sector. With different kind of machinery we are able to work several brass alloys, but we also offer other services like perforation, milling, threading, broaching and heating treatment, to provide high quality parts starting from different brass bar shapes, from 10 to 70 mm.



A wide range of automatic lathes, traditional monomandrel with bar passage until 60 mm

Monomandrel automatic lathe Pieces producted



Cnc lathe twin-spindle with two and three turrets with passage bar until 70 mm allow Dipiemme to realize products with special and complex shapes with the highest precision in short time and for small bachtes.

CNC Lathe Pieces producted

Multi spindle


Multi spindle lathes of last generation with passage bar until 40 mm allow the production of large batches in a very short time in full compliance with tolerances.

Multi spindle lathes Pieces producted


We realize turning processing thanks to a wide range of machinery. Our lathes works every types of brass alloys (CW614N, CW617N, CW510L, CW511L, CW602N, CW625N, CW626N, CW724R) untill a bar dimension of 70mm.

Multi spindle lathes

Complex machining

Machinery equipped with turret with Axis B allow to make inclined and complex machining while machinery equipped with more turrets allow to work simultaneously on the same spindle reducing working times.

Finishing process

We can also do second stage production. We offer heating treatment service (the main purpose of which is to increase the brass deformability). We also cooperate with some metal finishing suppliers (metal-cleaning, electroplating). We are able to respect customers needs of packaging.

Finishing process