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20 12 2022


The Cribis Prime Company is a highly coveted award; is released by CRIBIS D&B which attributes this recognition using the CRIBIS D&B Rating, following a careful and rigorous evaluation of multiple factors and recognizes the awarded companies the highest level of reliability from the point of view of commercial relations. These companies stand out on the market for punctuality and certainty of payments.

To date, the CRIBIS Prime Company has been awarded to only 7% of the over 6 million Italian companies and we at Dipiemme S.r.l. are proud to be part of this small percentage!

The art of precision

The continuos investments in research and new technologies allowed Dipiemme to be always updated with mechanical machining branch.

Since 40 years Dipiemme realizes brass precision machining, starting from customer specification. That make Dipiemme a warranty for your supplies.

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The production is oriented to technical machining starting from customer drawing or sample. Dipiemme works in different industrial branch , starting from brass bar of different shapes, doing turning and milling process.

Taps and Fittings

We realize components for sanitary purposes and components for taps


We produce components for thermo-sanitary sector


We realize metal fittings for several industrial sectors, taking care of every stage in the production of turned brass fittings.