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40 years of Dipiemme
04 09 2017

40 years of Dipiemme

There are dates to celebrate, like a September of 40 years ago, when Dipiemme was born. A goal achieved through continuous investments and technological upgrades, but above all thanks to the seriousness and passion we put into our work. We want to celebrate this anniversary with our customers and suppliers by announcing other updates in the coming months. Stay tuned!

The art of precision

The continuos investments in research and new technologies allowed Dipiemme to be always updated with mechanical machining branch.

Since 30 years Dipiemme realizes brass precision machining, starting from customer specification. That make Dipiemme a warranty for your supplies.

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The production is oriented to technical machining starting from customer drawing or sample. Dipiemme works in different industrial branch , starting from brass bar of different shapes, doing turning and milling process.

Taps and Fittings

We realize components for sanitary purposes and components for taps


We produce components for thermo-sanitary sector


We realize metal fittings for several industrial sectors, taking care of every stage in the production of turned brass fittings.